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The Internet has turned learning upside down. Today, students are in control — learning what they want, when they want on mobile devices. As educators, we have to meet them where they are.

By providing a learning environment they’re comfortable with, students will be more motivated to pay attention in class. The sum result of our solution is increased graduation rates.

Solution Applications

Dropout Prevention

Typically focused on meeting the needs of the average student, traditional secondary education practices often result in a significant motivation gap for students at the top or bottom of a class. This can result in lost motivation, disruptive behavior, failure to succeed in school, truancy and even giving up — leading to unfortunate dropout statistics. Our solution has been designed to prevent the act of dropping out by closing that gap.

Dropout Recovery

CuroGens Learning is an adaptive learning system and dropout recovery solution that enables teachers to create more engaging environments for students who’ve already been lost to the education system. Personalized learning environments enable students to study only what they don't know. This may encourage teens or adults to return to school by making earning a diploma a more tangible goal.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous students are at a much higher risk of dropping out of schools where the curriculum is based on Western standards. Modernization and globalization have resulted in the loss of indigenous knowledge and cultural awareness in younger generations. Our mission is to provide an educational solution that empowers teachers to help indigenous students feel relevant, empowered and hopeful.

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