About CuroGens Learning

CuroGens Learning is an educational design and technology firm working to transform traditional teaching and learning practices by empowering educators to create personal learning environments that motivate students. The goal is to help school systems around the globe improve outcomes and decrease dropout rates.

Our solution is for educators and it’s been built by educators. We have developed a learning management solution based on education theory and science, years of learning delivery experience, and innovative software design. The sum effect of our LMS and teacher professional development program is graduation.

OUR MISSION: Through proven results, we will inspire others to rethink teaching and redesign learning. Together we want to develop future generations of passionate, life-long learners.

Our solutions are built for educators — by educators.

News & Events

The CuroGens Learning leadership team is proud to support and participate in education forums addressing dropout prevention and recovery. Click here for more information about these forums.

Annual Education Forum

  October 19-20, 2017

Annual IATDP Conference

      October 19-23, 2017

Leadership Team

Jesper Kehlet

Jesper Kehlet

Founder & CEO

Since founding CuroGens, Inc. in 2012, Jesper Kehlet has developed software solutions that further streamline operational processes and drive organizational success.
Ole Hjorth

Ole Hjorth

Chief Learning Officer

A native of Denmark, CuroGens Chief Learning Officer Ole Hjorth is a highly respected global educator, leader and trainer.
Soren Hjorth

Soren Hjorth

Director of Learning Solutions

Søren Hjorth offers more than 20 years of teaching experience, as well as expertise in technology and training program development.

“Many teachers are excited to use this educational software, and we plan to let it be a content-free element of a larger national app, where the software will be a resource for the teaching of Danish language and math at different levels within the Greenlandic educational institutions.” – Lona Lynge, Head of Section, Ministry of Industry, Labour and Trade, Naalakkersuisut, Government of Greenland

“Participants have previously achieved very low exam scores and are affected by a combination of social difficulties and poor experiences in school. Overall, they are difficult to reach and retain through traditional educational methods. The results of the educational program [with Ole Hjorth] have been so successful that we have recommended this education approach in other parts of the Municipality. This approach empowers teachers to present content in versatile pathways ideal for each student’s learning style and cognitive pace.” – Tim Bjørn Eriksen, Head of the Youth Department, Municipality of Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark

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