[March 2017] Several staff members from CuroGens Learning are currently attending the 2017 First Nation Directors of Education National Forum in Calgary, Alberta and are absolutely captivated by all of the sessions, stories and overall determination of the First Nations communities to improve education for its nation’s youth.

The focus throughout the forum is based upon the four directions (east, south, west and north), four races (yellow, red, black and white), the four stages of life (children, youth, adults and the elderly), the four aspects of nature of human beings (physical/body, emotional/heart, intellectual/mind and spiritual) and the four phases of life-long learning (early learning, elementary and secondary learning, post-secondary learning and life learning). The topics span the four quadrants of the medicine wheel: East – Early Learning and Learning from Place; South – Cultural Identity and Well-Being and Elementary and Secondary Learning; West – Post-Secondary Learning and North – Culture, Language, Ceremonies and Life Learning.

We are excited to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and companies that are ready to lead the process of educational change within schools and communities, and facilitate the needed change for First Nation youth to lead successful, happy lives while maintaining their important cultures, traditions and languages. To learn more about the initiatives of First Nation education initiatives, visit www.afn.ca. To find out how CuroGens Learning is revolutionizing the education paradigm, download our fact sheet or contact us for a free demo at info@curogenslearning.com.