Dropout recovery programs are essential for helping adults of all ages improve their quality of life. Getting a GED is a minimum requirement for almost any level of employment in today’s economy. Yet there are 36 million low-skilled adults in the U.S., many of whom cannot read above a third grade level.

Additionally, nearly 1.2 million U.S. students drop out of high school each year. With such a staggering drop out rate, it makes sense that many resources go toward prevention programs. But what about those who have already lost motivation and confidence to reach their academic finish line?

Dropout Recovery: Getting Students Back on Track

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Educators understand how difficult it is to lead an effective dropout recovery program. First of all, it can be tough to motivate students who have historically struggled in traditional classrooms. Secondly, adult learners also need higher levels of flexibility and program customization to meet their lifestyle and learning needs.

Facilitating success in former dropouts requires equipping teachers and administrators with the pedagogical methodologies and tools necessary to redesign educational environments.

What Students Need to Stay On Course

CuroGens Learning surveyed former dropouts who cited the following ‘must-haves’ for their ideal educational experience:

  • To not fall behind if absent or struggling with comprehension
  • No competitive class pacing
  • To focus on what they need to learn vs. rigid A-to-Z curriculums
  • Choice of learning exercises relative to student’s life experience
  • Individual help along the way

Building Better Paths

A dropout prevention and recovery solution, CuroGens Learning addresses the attention management and motivational needs of at-risk students. Key highlights of the program are:

  • Varied Learning Paths: Time saving, relevant and flexible content modules
  • Self-Confidence: Create a safe learning environment that enriches students’ experience
  • Real-Time Reporting: Personal progress dashboards for each student
  • Flexible Structure: No fixed timeline, classroom size or curriculum structure; students work at their natural pace
  • Blended Learning: Online learning enables learning inside or outside the classroom

Crossing the Finish Line [Case Study]

Challenge: CuroGens Learning is contracted to design and implement a one-year pilot program to help former dropouts learn math and language skills and then pass a K-12 equivalency exam.

Solution: CuroGens Learning’s Advanced Learning Information System aligns coursework to each student’s cognitive pace. This promotes retention, enhances and accelerates learning outcomes and fosters positive attitudes about learning.

Results After 8 Months:

  • curogens learning gladsaxe dropout recovery program results

    83% of students on track to pass their qualifying exam within one year

  • 45% completed the program
  • The students who finished the program:
    • 70% moved on to the next level of education
    • 15% entered traineeships
    • 8% earned jobs
  • 2 students referred to dyslexia training
  • The remaining students are on temporary stand-by due to unforeseen life circumstances, but will be able to pick up right where they left off upon their return to the program.

Find out more information about creating effective dropout recovery programs with the CuroGens Learning tool.