Jesper Kehlet

Founding CuroGens, Inc. in 2012 and CuroGens Learning in 2015, CuroGens CEO and Founder Jesper Kehlet has developed software solutions throughout his career that streamline operational processes that drive organizational success. His 25+ years of consulting, sales and business development experience has been instrumental in defining CuroGens’ solutions that address market needs and tap unmet demands. A big believer in “blue ocean strategy,” Jesper loves ideas that challenge the norm.

“As an entrepreneur, CuroGens Learning was something I could absolutely get behind. I was a college dropout because I was bored to tears and knew I could accomplish more on my own. This type of teaching and collaborating makes sense. It’s everything education is supposed to be. If this had been the basis of education when I was in school, I would have stayed.” Jesper Kehlet

Jesper has a broad foundation with longstanding experience in business-to-business sectors of Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Australia. Fluent in six languages, he attended Copenhagen Business School where he studied economics, investment and asset management, environmental management, and business strategy.