The Formula for Better Student Outcomes.

Imagine your graduation rates if students were as engaged to learn in the classroom as they are at home on their smartphones.

It’s Time to Redesign Learning

Outside the classroom, students are eager to learn about anything that interests them—by viewing online videos or interactive tutorials, or even by playing video games. But that eagerness to learn just doesn’t always translate to the school environment.

Our learning management solution is unique in that it enables teachers to assign only coursework that a student doesn’t already know. This prevents boredom. Teachers also can present courses in a flexible timeline through a variety of media. This promotes engagement.

The rigid structure of A to Z classroom learning just doesn’t work for everyone. Not every student learns at the same pace and not every student lacks the same knowledge. In our environments, there is no falling behind or redundant coursework.

This new formula for teaching and learning is overdue. Our solution promotes increased engagement and newfound interest in school —resulting in fewer dropouts and higher graduation rates.

Solution Applications

Dropout Prevention

Typically focused on meeting the needs of the average student, traditional secondary education practices often result in a significant motivation gap for students at the top or bottom of a class. This can result in lost motivation, disruptive behavior, failure to succeed in school, truancy and even giving up — leading to unfortunate dropout statistics. Our solution has been designed to prevent the act of dropping out by closing that gap.

Dropout Recovery

CuroGens Learning is an adaptive learning system and dropout recovery solution that enables teachers to create more engaging environments for students who’ve already been lost to the education system. Personalized learning environments enable students to study only what they don't know. This may encourage teens or adults to return to school by making earning a diploma a more tangible goal.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous students are at a much higher risk of dropping out of schools where the curriculum is based on Western standards. Modernization and globalization have resulted in the loss of indigenous knowledge and cultural awareness in younger generations. Our mission is to provide an educational solution that empowers teachers to help indigenous students feel relevant, empowered and hopeful.

What is the CuroGens Learning Solution?

CuroGens Learning is a strategic formula of learning management technology and teacher professional development. The combination effectively addresses the attention management and motivational needs of students at risk of not graduating. We empower teachers to align individual student learning preferences with curriculum and course design to help them earn a diploma or pass a secondary school equivalency exam.

For students, the program supports their natural learning patterns to keep them focused on graduating. Additional benefits:

  • Increased drive to succeed
  • Motivation to learn
  • Enthusiasm for life-long education

For teachers, the solution better enables them to help their students succeed. Additional benefits:

  • Increased career satisfaction
  • Ability to mentor instead of manage
  • Ongoing professional development

Professional Development Program

Unlike other educational resources, we start our relationship with a professional development program for teachers that includes training in and reflection on the paradigm shift in learning, and certification in the CuroGens Learning solution.

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