Professional Development and Certification

Program Framework

We understand that district budgets and teacher workloads often don’t support professional development. We also know that learning won’t evolve and outcomes won’t significantly increase until teachers have the support they need. So ongoing development is core to our solution.

Our goal is to help educators save resources on course research and preparation so they have the time to better connect a student’s lessons and classroom environment to how they learn in everyday life. This will promote better engagement, outcomes and teacher satisfaction.

Our Development Program includes an initial training series where teachers become certified in using our learning management solution. And the Teacher’s Forum and Marketplace is a knowledge exchange and collaboration platform to share best practices and content, and seek peer support 24/7.

“Rigid curriculum requirements within fixed timelines is not in sync with how students prefer to learn. So the question is, now that students have all of the knowledge and skills they want at their disposal via technology, how are teachers going to be part of their digital worlds?”
Ole Hjorth, CuroGens Learning Co-Founder

Features and Benefits

  • Replace classroom management with a leadership role. This will incorporate a greater level of communication and trust between the student and teacher.
  • Better understand how to curate free or paid content, and utilize web-based apps to enhance and optimize teaching.
  • De-construct existing course material by slicing content into smaller pieces to promote better attention management.
  • Reduce a student’s boredom or frustration by establishing coursework that keeps him or her in their optimal learning zone.
  • Create engaging digital learning sessions, without having to write or understand a single line of programming.
  • Use the Dashboard Manager to provide real-time feedback and analytics for every audience, from the student or parent to the instructor or highest-level stakeholder.

Ongoing professional development is key to better student outcomes.

“This solution came about as a means to impact graduation rates around the world, creating greater opportunity for those frustrated by the traditional educational structure. We intend to do this through the values of equity in education and inclusivity of content, as well as by leading the way to higher quality learning and teaching.” Ole Hjorth, educator

European Study

Read about the 2-year study and teacher training program happening now across Europe to find innovative new teaching methods to be shared worldwide.

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