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The Learning Management Solution

With the promise of 1:1 learning, technology was provided to teachers with the intent to help them to make education more accessible and effective for their students. Lack of resources and professional development opportunities have contributed to 1:1 learning not meeting its expectations. Many teachers still struggle to understand how to maximize technology to augment and support their teaching methods.

Our Advanced Learning Information System (ALIS) requires no IT knowledge and provides teachers with a cloud-based platform from which they manage all learning content and student progress.

Additionally, peers from around the globe interact online through the Teacher Forum and Marketplace. This creates an immediate support system, and provides a medium through which teachers can discuss challenges and successes, and share content and best practices.

Participation in an initial 8-session training program is mandatory. This helps instructors maximize the potential of the ALIS and design effective learning programs.

Our ALIS is unique in several ways, including:

  • It is “content empty,” that is, we do not supply the content; teachers utilize their own content or curate available content.
  • Adding content is simple. Teachers drag and drop their teaching and learning materials into the system using the portal interface. The system then automatically converts content into web enhanced files.
  • The tool is intelligent. It responds to each student’s progress to identify knowledge gaps and topics on which he or she needs to focus.
  • Plug-ins for offline, online and land-based gamification add an extra dimension to each learning environment.
  • It collects learning-focused data in real time to give the teacher a better understanding of how his or her students are progressing. All “grading” is now electronic.
  • Dashboards are provided at all levels—teacher, student, administrator, parent and district. This allows for a better overview of student, classroom or district learning outcomes.

“The learning-focused data gathered in our ALIS helps to convert an educational environment from a performance culture to a learning culture. Teachers have student and classroom dashboards available in real time to monitor progress.” Søren Hjorth


Denmark Pilot Program

Read about the dropout recovery pilot program in Denmark that’s on track for a graduation rate of 83%.

Technology Features

Media Converter

Our open-ended content authoring tool empowers teachers to upload course materials and forget about separate converters, cumbersome upload procedures or compatibility issues.

Course Director

Create educational courses that match students’ expectations of media variation and interaction. This also allows the opportunity for the student to take course modules in the order he or she wants.

Interactive Plug-Ins

Vary coursework by accessing a library of plugins to train students not in memorization, but in knowledge transfer through advanced modalities such as game-based learning or real-world simulations.

Learning Zone Promoter

Based on recognized pedagogical science, consistently keep any student in his or her Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). There will be no more skilled students who are bored or challenged students who give up.

Real-Time Dashboard Manager

Experience the value of diagnostic analytics that you’ve never seen in a standard LMS. Dashboards focusing on learning progress instead of performance are visualized simply for a variety of audiences.

Teachers’ Forum & Marketplace

The knowledge exchange platform will help teachers stay updated about e-learning, e-didactics and more, as well as collaborate with peers 24/7, and share or sell digital courses.

We have the solution to better student outcomes.


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