What is CuroGens Learning?
CuroGens Learning empowers educators to help students learn and flourish rather than teach them to memorize information long enough to pass an exam. By combining a professional development program that challenges the traditional educational paradigm with a unique Advanced Learning Information System (ALIS) incorporated with proven pedagogical scientific methodologies, every student wins. This important mix ensures that learners will go far beyond memorization—facilitating comprehension of information and the ability to apply that knowledge over and over in various scenarios.

Case Study
CuroGens Learning launched a project with Gladsaxe municipality in Copenhagen, Denmark with the goal of increasing the number of pass rates among program drop outs. The project focused on teaching math and Danish to help students obtain their equivalent high school diploma or secondary school certificate. Most of these students had no or very little motivation for further education and have had very bad experiences with school-learning. Furthermore, they had little to no confidence in their own intellectual abilities.

With CuroGens Learning, 83 percent of the students were on track to pass the qualifying exam within the next year. 70 percent of those went on to the next level of education. 15 percent earned traineeships and 8 percent earned jobs.

Strength of Azure
Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms available today. Here are the key ways we use Azure to increase the functionality of the CuroGens Learning ALIS:

Azure Stack – Azure Stack optimizes scalability, which is extremely important for our solution. It offers us the capacity to host in the cloud without the burden of handling a large application with a lot of little instances.

Azure Security – The best possible security measures are imperative when working with data associated with students. Azure’s security measures ensure we are complying with all education-related privacy laws worldwide.

.NET Compatibility – Azure was made to work with applications developed with the .NET framework. Azure has made publishing applications to the cloud surprisingly simple.

Power BI Integration – Building and accessing data sets to monitor student progress is a vital toolset within our ALIS. The seamless integration between Azure and Power BI generates automated learning-focused statistics. This enables both educators and educational institutions to make informed decisions based on real-time student behavior.

Ready to find out more about the benefits CuroGens Learning can have on your schools? Download our fact sheet or contact us at info@curogenslearning.com for more information.