Adult education can create a new career path or boost an existing one, improve overall quality of life and even positively affect someone’s health. In addition to the personal benefits it offers, an adult that goes back to school, whether for a GED or to change paths entirely, can also make an impact on a community and set a great example for younger generations.

Economic Impact
We can all easily imagine how adult education betters the mind, but it also betters the economy. Often, it helps individuals increase their pay by landing a new job or getting promoted at their current workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, there is a very strong correlation between the lowering of unemployment rates and educational attainment. Education also affects job retention. In fact, even during a recession, studies have shown that a high number of adult education students enter or retain employment. And, not surprisingly, as more education is attained, poverty levels steadily decline.

Better wages mean individuals have more disposable income, which gives a boost to the economy. It also means more financial support for the local community through charitable donations and taxes.

Role Models
When an adult goes back to school, it shows younger generations that a passion for learning can happen at any age. New opportunities to learn and share more about different cultures and beliefs can positively impact others and open them up to new ways of thinking. It also encourages networking and collaboration.

Another big plus—adults who have educated themselves will have an easier ability to help children or grandchildren with homework and support them in their own educational journey.

Heightened mental engagement delays cognitive aging, and encourages more informed decision-making abilities. Educated adults can better communicate with healthcare professionals. This is strongly correlated with a higher level of disease prevention.

These factors ultimately lead to lower healthcare costs, which benefits not only a community but the entire country.

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