The key to this student graduating?

A personalized learning environment.

What keeps her motivated?

Small successes. Every day.

He's not managing 20 students.

He's coaching them.

Her future never looked so bright.

Time for an Education Revolution.

The traditional pedagogical environment falls short in providing teachers with sufficient time and resources to give their most challenged students the attention they need. The result? Increasing dropout rates.

Our solution was designed for educators — by educators — and equips them with a more effective way to deliver curriculum to meet each student where he or she is in their learning journey. The empowerment gained by the teacher and confidence gained by the student leads to the academic finish line.

What is CuroGens Learning for Education?

A dropout prevention and recovery solution, CuroGens Learning for Education addresses the attention management and motivational needs of students at risk of not graduating or those who have dropped out. The program aligns individual learning styles with the curriculum necessary for students to pass a secondary or high school equivalency exam.

For students, the program supports their natural learning patterns to keep them focused on graduating. Additional benefits:

  • Increased drive to succeed
  • Motivation to learn
  • Enthusiasm for life-long education

For teachers, the solution better enables them to help their students succeed. Additional benefits:

  • Increased career satisfaction
  • Ability to mentor instead of manage
  • Ongoing professional development

Teacher Training and Certification Program

Unlike other educational resources, we start our relationship with a professional development program for teachers that includes training in and reflection on the paradigm shift in learning, and certification in the CuroGens Learning solution.

What’s unique about CuroGens Learning?

curogens learning

Unique Learning Path

Curriculum aligns with each student’s preferred learning style and cognitive pace. Intelligent design of the ALIS recognizes when a student needs more or less concentration on any given subject. Students become co-creators of their unique learning environment.

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Flexible Timeline

The rigidity of the traditional pedagogical structure has been replaced by a “learning market” where students can shop for knowledge at their own cognitive pace and level. Students won’t fall behind or lose motivation.

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Support and Development

Teachers have what they need to mentor, not just manage a classroom. They have the knowledge and tools to design motivating and engaging learning environments.

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Turnkey Technology

Unlike the promise of 1:1 education, CuroGens Learning provides the educational resources and technology training that enables teachers to design learning programs with didactic reflection.

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