Teacher Training and Certification

Program Framework

CuroGens Learning for Education is a revolutionary program that challenges the traditional educational paradigm. Rigid curriculum requirements and fixed timelines are not in sync with new generations’ learning preferences. We need to do better at connecting exercises presented in school to students’ everyday-life experiences and circumstances.

“The question is, now that students have all of the knowledge and skills they want at their disposal via technology, how are teachers going to be part of their digital worlds?” Ole Hjorth

Every Curogens Learning installment begins with a professional development and certification program for teachers. The program framework includes 8 sessions of discussion and immersive activities based on the following elements of recognized learning theories:

  • The roles of the educator and the students in relation to work, material and communication
  • The e-didactics related to guiding principles of learning and teaching, curriculum, content and methods of teaching
  • The choices of IT tools in close relationship to the expected taxonomic level

Features and Benefits

Establish and maintain a student-centered learning environment.

Get teachers back into the role of being teachers and out of being part-time test administrators.

Reduce students’ stress and establish a safe and productive learning zone.

Use a data-driven feedback system to understand the student’s struggles and competencies.

Establish leadership and followership instead of classroom management.

Collect and use big data to recognize and improve teaching practices and learning materials.

“This solution came about as a means to impact graduation rates around the world, creating greater opportunity for those frustrated by the traditional educational structure. We intend to do this through the values of equity in education and inclusivity of content, as well as by leading the way to higher quality learning and teaching.” Ole Hjorth, educator

European Study

Read about the 2-year study and teacher training program happening now across Europe to find innovative new teaching methods to be shared worldwide.

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