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The Technology

With the promise of 1:1 learning, teachers were provided with technology to make education more accessible and effective for their students. This also was intended to provide the teacher with seamless access to his or her students.

Lack of resources and support from administrations, as well as inadequate professional development opportunities, have contributed to 1:1 learning not meeting its expectations. Many teachers don’t understand how to maximize technology to augment and support their teaching methods.

Our solution provides teachers with cloud-based technology and on-site training. Additionally, ongoing support in designing effective learning programs is available from CuroGens Learning’s team, and via a worldwide forum of peers. This web-based forum is an outlet to discuss challenges and successes, and share content and best practices.

Our Advanced Learning Information System (ALIS) is unique in several ways:

  • The tool is “content agnostic,” that is, we do not supply the content. Teachers utilize their existing content within the system.
  • Adding content is simple. Teachers can drag and drop files into the system, which then automatically converts the content on the tool’s back end.
  • The tool is intelligent. It responds to each student’s performance to identify knowledge gaps and topics on which he or she needs to focus.
  • It collects learning-focused data in real time to give the teacher a better understanding of how his or her students are progressing.
  • Teachers can monitor progress for each student and the entire class via an intelligent dashboard.

“The learning-focused data gathered in our ALIS helps to convert an educational environment from a performance culture to a learning culture. Teachers have student and classroom dashboards available in real time to monitor progress.” Søren Hjorth


Denmark Pilot Program

Read about the dropout recovery pilot program in Denmark that’s on track for and 83% graduation rate.

Technology Features

curogens learning 5inarowEvaluates competence — a student’s ability to apply knowledge

curogens learning LMS redirectorChooses a skill level within an exercise based on student’s knowledge

curogens learning lms refelctionDouble-looped reflection dialoguer

Research suggests a student knows a topic if they answer a series of questions correctly five times in a row. This portion of the software will advance a student if they are successful.

The redirector application works with five in a row and determines whether a student should move on to a new skill level based on the series of questions answered correctly.

Using reflective practice, the learning software will examine the student’s skills, knowledge and competencies, and guide the student based on their performance.

curogens learning lms progressionMonitors student progression

curogens learning lms awardAdministration of course completion and award certificate or diploma

This will monitor the student’s overall performance and alerts the instructor if a student is failing or have trouble completing a course.

CuroGens Learning is committed to ensuring students are engaged and successful in their learning experience. This celebrates student success, resulting in proud and motivated students.

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